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Where are Cellebrite’s headquarters located?
Cellebrite’s headquarters location and telephone number are;

94 Shlomo Shmelzer Road
Petah Tikva 4970602, Israel
+972-(73) 394-8000
When did Cellebrite go public?
Cellebrite began trading on Nasdaq on August 31, 2021
What is Cellebrite’s ticker symbol?
Cellebrite’s ticker is CLBT
How can I invest in Cellebrite?
Cellebrite common shares can be purchased through a U.S. broker.
Can international investors invest in Cellebrite?
Yes, the shares may be purchased by non-Israeli and non-U.S. citizens subject to their own domestic regulations
Does the Company have a share buyback program?
Cellebrite does not currently have a share repurchase program
Does the company pay dividends?
Cellebrite does currently not pay a dividend
Who do I contact for information regarding my stockholder account? Who is the transfer agent for Cellebrite?
Cellebrite’s transfer agent is American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, 6201 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219, and its telephone number is (800) 937-5549
When does Cellebrite’s fiscal year end?
December 31.
Who is Cellebrite’s auditor?
Ernst & Young serves as Cellebrite’s independent auditor.
Whom should I contact for other questions that have not been answered?
Contact us here.
Whom should I contact for media inquiries?
Contact us here.
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