Cellebrite Revolutionizes Data Collection with Ground-breaking SaaS Solution, Integral Part of Company’s Case-to-Closure Platform

March 14, 2024 at 9:00 AM EDT

New SaaS delivery transforms access, collection and analysis of data from a wide variety of remote devices across the enterprise with unparalleled efficiency and consent-based security

TYSONS CORNER, VA, PETAH TIKVA, Israel - March 14, 2024 - Cellebrite DI Ltd. (Nasdaq: CLBT), a leader in Digital Investigative solutions, today unveils Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector SaaS. This enhanced delivery model of our industry-leading Endpoint Inspector product offers enterprise customers and eDiscovery service providers next-generation digital forensic capabilities that enable the streamlined collection and analysis of data from diverse remote devices, all within a unified, consent-based, secure framework.

With Cellebrite’s evolving suite of SaaS solutions in its Case-to-Closure platform, organizations can now quickly deploy seamless, targeted remote data collection for faster acquisition of critical information, reducing time-to-data from days to minutes. This includes enabling examiners to retrieve Cloud messaging in cooperation with custodians. The solution complements Cellebrite’s SaaS usage-based offering for mobile data collection in the private sector, Endpoint Mobile Now. As a top-tier provider for eDiscovery professionals, Endpoint Inspector SaaS offers organizations a centralized platform for real-time visibility into collection statuses. This efficiency eliminates the need for multiple tools or manual tracking in spreadsheets, while its automatic updates for new device software versions mitigate the risks tied to frequent device upgrades.

"With the rapid adoption of SaaS solutions, it's critical that our systems not only stay ahead of technological advancements but also adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards," says Ronnen Armon, Chief Products Technologies Officer at Cellebrite. "Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector SaaS is at the forefront of this, ensuring examiners can efficiently collect data from a range of devices, irrespective of location, without managing software or compromising on consent and security."

Cellebrite is dedicated to leading the industry not just in technological innovation but also in ethical practices. The Endpoint Inspector SaaS operates strictly within a consent-based framework, ensuring all activities are transparent and authorized by device owners. This approach is fundamental to our values and is embedded in every aspect of our solution.

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Discover how Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector SaaS can transform your enterprise data collection and analysis. Visit us at https://enterprise.cellebrite.com/Cellebrite-endpoint-inspector/ 




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